Private Academic School

classroomWe specialize in educating students who have been unsuccessful in school.  Our classrooms are on-campus and provide a structured educational setting for the students.  Pathways’ education is offered year-round to help the students earn credits toward their graduation or additional credits as needed.

Pathways’ teachers are PA certified in the subjects that they teach, including special education.  Pathways offers a Physical Education program with a certified physical education instructor.

classroom2Pathways offers a Life Skills Class for all students which focuses on hygiene, personal banking, interviewing skills and other activities of daily living.  A counseling curriculum has also been implemented into the school program.

A student can graduate from our school and/or have an alternative education plan, such as working toward earning his/her GED or graduating from his/her IEP, as long as the appropriate documentation is provided from the student’s prior school district.

classroom3Residents may participate in sports through the Oil City School District as deemed appropriate by the placing agency and the program director.