Emergency Male/Female Shelter

Purpose and Objective
bedroomPathways Adolescent Center’s Emergency Shelter Program is designed specifically to provide a facility for the shelter, care, assessment, and counseling of dependent and delinquent youths through a sensitive and highly professional system of programming.

The primary objective of the program is to provide an array of professional services on an emergency basis to children who are abused, abandoned,or deserted,and to other children whose situations are such that they cannot safely remain in their own homes.


Program Overview

  • The program will provide twenty-four (24) hour-a-day service availability to the referring county agencies every day of the year.
  • The program will provide a safe and secure environment through the efforts of a highly trained and educated staff with expertise in child care, counseling, and assessment.
  • The program will provide the individualization of childcare and counseling to each child.
  • The program will provide behavioral reports on the youth to the referring agency.  The referring agency will be expected to provide a brief social summary, describing the youth’s family background and recent situation.
  • Behavior management, privilege system and consequences will be similar to the outline provided in the Residential section.

Youths will not be permitted to leave the facility for off-campus activities or Home Passes during their stay in the Shelter Care Program.
Referral Sources

The program is licensed to provide Emergency Shelter Care to eight (8) youths between the ages of 9 and 21.  The facility will only accept referrals from Children & Youth Services or Juvenile Probation Departments.