Community Service

Pathways’ youth will participate in community services and projects.  Staff will work with youth to assure community service hours are completed, or nearly completed, prior to discharge from the program.  Pathways’ staff will monitor hours, as the resident performs them, and report the status of hours to placing agencies upon request or in monthly reports.


Transitional Living Restitution and Community Services

  • Residents will participate in community service projects such as:
    • Summer youth employment programs
    • Community Service Projects in Venango County
    • Clean-up at public and state parks
    • Public works projects
    • C & T Railroad
    • Crisis Center Shelter
    • Others, as coordinated by service clubs and organizations


Restitution Payment Plan

  • Youth are permitted to locate full-time or part-time employment
  • Youth will put 90% of his weekly/biweekly paycheck towards any restitution handed out by the Court until restitution is paid in full.

When a youth finds employment, he will be expected to begin both a Savings Account and a Checking Account.

  • Youth will place 25% of his weekly/biweekly paycheck into a checking account.  This money will be budgeted for the youth to spend on outings, off-campus free time, etc.
  • Youth will place 75% of his weekly/biweekly paycheck into a savings account.  This money is set up to be an appropriate savings account for future needs.